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Image by Alistair MacRobert

A home is not just a question of bricks, but of love.
Even a basement can be wonderful.

- Christian Bobin -

Renovate ok,
but how much effort!

Ristrutturazione della casa

Restructuring a house from scratch is certainly a demanding job, which requires a lot of thought and time to devote. As for the economic side, on the other hand, aiming to purchase a house to renovate can often prove to be much more advantageous than buying a new home or in any case in good condition. Do not think only of the sale price which, obviously, will be lower given the work to be done, but in reality the value is often decreased due to the low demand on the market.

Not least, just think of the thrill of creating a house that represents us in every detail. It is only in this way that we can finally give life to our ideal home, the only one that will be able to transmit that love that will make us feel welcomed and protected. Like a king in his castle.

It is also true that fully understanding how much a renovation will take, before buying a house, is not that simple. Think of a professional for technical advice, an architect who develops a project, the choice of materials, the electrician, the plumber, the carpenter, the tiler ...

seen in this way, one should be discouraged at the very thought ...

But the biggest dilemma arises when, after all the efforts, the time spent and the money upfront, we realize that it is not the right investment for us! A real drama.

Here we come in.

Eurocasa offers you an exclusive service to concretely support you in choosing your future investment. Thanks to our network of specialized Partners , you have the great advantage of having an entire team at your disposal to study the feasibility and costs of renovating a house you like, even before signing any purchase document . If you are interested in a house to renovate, just ask your Agent for the new completely free design service.

Professional technicians, together with construction companies, artisans, resellers and service companies will be at your disposal to provide you with all the design assistance, preparing various schemes designed on your requests, as well as to answer all questions on the relevant regulations.  

Pianificazione di architetti

Many exclusive benefits


Because you won't have to go crazy looking for the various technicians and operators. All our collaborators work in symbiosis within the same studio.


Because all the preliminary stages of consultancy, design and quotation are completely free. 


Because no contractual commitment is required. All support is provided to give you just a clear idea of what your final investment will be.

Soggiorno moderno

We can't wait to get started,  and you?

Let's start together with the search for your ideal home.  We are ready to listen to your needs and look for all the most suitable solutions for you!

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