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A home is not a matter of bricks, but of love.
Even a basement can be wonderful.


- Christian Bobin -

Are you interested in buying a home a little old-fashioned, perhaps to be upgraded here and there, or even to be restored from scratch ...?

Probably you will feel discouraged to only think about who to turn to design a makeover, to the waiting time, the first costs ...

Find a technical study that will follow you in the project

Go crazy in a thousand quotes of companies and installers

Visit dozens of showrooms for the choice of materials

All this means stress, time and money to anticipate ... What if, despite all your efforts, you realize that it is not the right investment for you?

Now you don't have to worry anymore!

In Eurocasa there is operation ZERO!

We offer an exclusive service to support you concretely in the choice of your future investment. Thanks to our network of specialized Partners, you can now take advantage of a complete service to study the feasibility and the costs of renovating a house you like, even before signing any purchase document. If you are interested in a house to renovate, just ask your Agent for the new, completely free design service.


Professional technicians, together with construction companies, artisans, retailers and service companies will be at your disposal to provide you with all the design assistance, preparing various projects based on your requests, as well as to answer all the questions on the relevant regulations.  

ZERO as...

ZERO stress


Because you won't have to go crazy looking for the various technicians and operators. All our collaborators work in symbiosis within the same studio.

ZERO costs


Because all the preliminary phases of consulting, planning and drafting estimates are completely free.

ZERO obligation


Because no contractual commitment is required. All support is provided to give you a clear and timely idea of what your final investment could be.

Many customers, after using our service

Operation ZERO, they decided to buy and continue the restyling of their home with our team.

"Because one thing is to see.
But it is quite another to have an overview.
It is about recognizing that possibility invisible to others. "