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What are the bases for a good sale ... 

maybe a clearly visible banner?

We believe it's not enough.

To sell a property correctly, without risking endless waiting times, or even worse bureaucratic errors, it is necessary to respect three fundamental requirements

High legislative, bureaucratic and technical preparation

A right knowledge of valuation and market trends

An access to channels that aim to target the right customers

Eurocasa offers you a selling plan designed and organized to sell your property in the right way



The first phase, the most delicate. Fully understand your needs, evaluate the feasibility, risks, costs, timing, and any other factor that might affect the success. To place good bases for a fluid process without surprises, is the basis of the services that we offer our customers.



To give you a clear idea of what will be the best return on your sale, based on market fluctuations and all those innumerable intrinsic and extrinsic factors that make up a correct real estate estimate. Eurocasa agents are true professionals, able to give you high concrete estimates for any real estate or company well.



Obtaining and reviewing the information and documentation of the property is a primary step that we perform constantly before the listing. This allows us to better protect both the seller, avoiding unpleasant surprises in case of missing or inaccurate documentation, and the buyer who will receive a complete and exhaustive picture on the status of the property to guarantee a safe investment.



Preparing the property for market placement is what we always recommend to all sellers. Like a woman who gives herself a touch of makeup to make herself beautiful before going out, even houses can make better with small adjustments. Our staff will help you arrange your home in a very short steps, simply because they know how to look with the eyes of customers.



We always try to take care of the quality of each publication as if it were unique, even before analyzing the type of customers we want to reach. We are constantly looking for the best means to enable us to receive as many concrete contacts as possible. Eurocasa News, the magazine ads of our agencies, now reaches all the centers of Valtiberina Umbra. We are also online on over 20 leading Italian and foreign real estate portals and most popular social networks to ensure visibility to 360 degrees.



Filter the right customers for suitable properties has always been one of our must. We don't want to tell you about how many thousands of customers we have in databases or bring you an army of people to visit home, just to show you how busy we are ... We, we simply know our customers and what they really look for, that's why we just select and identify the right people, and that's it.

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We believe that every sales project starts with a conversation.

Talk about it together with one of our dedicated consultants, so as to know the right value and details of your sale.

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