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Large interior spaces, high and bright rooms, original details and elegant finishes, are the details that surround the reconversion project of this important building full of charm and history. Palazzo Zampini is located in the immediate vicinity of the Municipal Art Gallery, an imposing building whose construction dates back to the mid-16th century. Lived over the centuries as a private residence, the building later housed the outpatient offices of the ASL Umbria in more recent times. After many years left in disuse, the Tifernate family that owns it decides to entrust its sale to our company. In a very short time, thanks to a great knowledge and experience acquired with the foreign market, Eurocasa was able to find the right buyer, who was immediately able to recognize the enormous potential and beauty of this complex, which has been dormant for too long.


The conversion and complete restoration project involves the construction of eight residential units and a professional office on the ground floor. A large entrance with vaulted ceilings will accompany the upper floors crossed by a large common corridor. The department store on the ground floor lends itself perfectly to a driveway area, where garages and private cellars will be built to serve the homes.


Interior details

The interiors are large and voluminous, particularly rich in natural light thanks to the high ceilings and large windows. All the houses on the top floor will also be enriched with large and reserved pocket terraces from which to enjoy wonderful views, to the east towards the gardens of Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera and towards the old hospital, to the west towards the verdant Montesca hill, and to the north towards the city center from which the fascinating round bell tower emerges.

Floor plans

palazzo zampini piano terra

on the GROUND and INTERMEDIATE floors

On the right is the entrance to the building. From the main atrium you can reach the upper floors, and the professional office, with a mezzanine, and equipped with an archive under the stairs (U1 - yellow). Going through the atrium, you reach n. 3 cellars of different sizes (C7 - C8 - C9) that can be purchased in addition to those already assigned to homes. On the back of the building, in Via dell'Ariento, there is the entrance to the only house with its own completely independent access (A1 - pink), with an internal staircase that leads to the intermediate floor where the apartment is located. This is the smallest house in the complex - 60 sq m. Also this house is also equipped with a terrace opening only from the sky, as it falls within a small cloister.

To the left of the main façade there are the entrance and exit openings to the driveway, where there are assigned parking spaces (G1 - G2 - G3 - G4 - G5 - G6), unfortunately not sufficient for the 8 houses in total.  

The current height of the area dedicated to parking spaces will be lofted for the construction of cellars assigned to 6 dwellings (C1 - C2 - C3 - C4 - C5 - C6), corresponding vertically to the assigned parking space. Access to the cellars will be from the two stairs placed on the respective sides of the driveway, which will lead to a common balcony.

on the FIRST and SECOND floors

Of the 7 remaining houses, 3 are spread over the entire first floor (A3 - beige, A4 - yellow, A5 - red), and are arranged on one level. The first house on the left going up the stairwell from the ground floor (A2 - blue) is on two levels, with the living area on the first floor, and the sleeping area on the second floor. Also from the condominium landing there is access to a house (A6 - pink) which has only the entrance on this floor, with a private internal stairwell that accompanies the second floor, where the entire house actually develops.

On the second floor, there are the last 3 houses (A6 - pink, A7 - purple, A8 - green), as well as the sleeping area of the bi-level house (A2 - blue), all equipped with private pocket terraces, from which to privilege magnificent panoramic views of the historic city.

All the houses on this floor will also be equipped with large roof skylights so as to capture the maximum brightness in the house during the day.

Click on the links to see the individual announcements of all units:

U1 - 74 sqm, ground floor office

A1 - 60 sqm, intermediate floor, independent

A2 - 135 sqm, first and second floor, bilevel

A3 - 163 sqm, first floor

A4 - 144 sqm, first floor

A5 - 128 sqm, first floor

A6 - 121 sq m, second floor

A7 - 86 sqm, second floor

A8 - 170 sqm, second floor


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